Epinephrine in out of hospital cardiac arrest (OOHCA) has been a staple intervention for decades. Through rigorous research we have determined that it may not be as great as we once thought…at least not in the ways we typically use it. A recent thought provoking synopsis of the current pro and cons of prehospital epi in OOHCA was published by Dr. Welsford and medics Buick and Drennan. https://read.qxmd.com/read/31115288/-epi-there-is-no-place-for-the-use-of-intravenous-epinephrine-as-a-standard-component-of-cardiac-arrest-resuscitation-care

However, when the best quality evidence available is formally meta-analyzed we come to this conclusion: “In OHCA, standard or high doses of epinephrine should be used because they improved survival to hospital discharge and resulted in a meaningful clinical outcome. There was also a clear advantage of using epinephrine over a placebo or no drugs in the considered outcomes.” (Vargas 2019) Check out the study here: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/30685547

What does this mean to you in your practice? Please read the studies and comment below!