In this episode, Dave is joined by Tarlan Hedayati, MD, FACEP, to discuss how to differentiate between Pseudo PEA and True PEA.

Dr.Hedayati is a practicing Emergency Physican in Cook County, Chicago. She is also the Associate Professor and Chair of Education for the Emergency Medicine Department.

Also In This Episode

  • Patient Case: 57 YO Male
    • POC Ultrasound
  • Pulse checks, are fingers are dumb
  • POCUS for Pulse
  • FEEL for cardiac activity (Focused Echocardiographic Evaluation in Life support)
  • The downside of POCUS
  • POCUS in the emergency department
  • CASA (Cardiac Arrest Sonographic Assessment)
    • Tamponade
    • RV strain
    • Motion
  • PEA Evaluation
  • Pressor Infusions vs. Standard ACLS
  • PEA Bottom line: POCUS & minimize pauses

Connect with Tarlan Hedayati:

Twitter: @HedayatiMD

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