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Offering audio and video podcasts as well as courses in ECG Interpretation, Current has a passionate and animated approach to presenting Electrocardiography.


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FREE! Each episode is 10 minutes long or less! Perfect for emergency medicine providers who typically only have short blocks of time during shifts to focus on education opportunities.

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The Video Podcast

Members on one of our paid plans have full access to our premium video content. These videos add extra insights and visuals to the audio podcast content, delivered in the same 10 minutes or less for easy completion.

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Offering courses on ECG Interpretation, Current focuses on the role of the prehospital ECG, treatment of Acute Coronary Syndrome, and the importance of in depth clinical assessment.

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Speaking engagements and public presentations on a variety of topics to help further your knowledge and skills as an advanced care paramedic, student or other medical practitioners.

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Current ECG's founder David Klein will take you on a journey of interpretation through the field of electrocardiography. 

Klein’s energy is not for the faint of heart. He will have you depolarizing right out of your seat and leave you feeling positively charged about ECG education. Klein takes complicated, in-depth topics and translates them into simple matters of the heart which will lead you through a journey.


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