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Offering courses on ECG Interpretation, Current focuses on the role of the prehospital ECG, treatment of Acute Coronary Syndrome, and the importance of in depth clinical assessment. Learners will leave with fundamental knowledge of interpreting cardiac dysrhythmias, identifying cardiac anatomy, and ECG changes consistent with early myocardial injury. Current’s method of teaching will get your heart pumping!

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Current ECG David Klein giving presentation on ECG interpretation training

ECG Interpretation (Part 1)

The role of the prehospital ECG in the treatment of ACS among other pathologies has gained in focus as well as importance over the past decade. As a result paramedic ECG education has evolved to meet this demand. This course will provide the learners with a foundational knowledge essential to interpreting basic and advanced cardiac dysrhythmias by identifying cardiac anatomy and physiology, identifying ECG changes consistent with early STEMI markers and aligning a patient’s presentation, history of presenting illness, and ECG in the course of patient care.

Duration: 4 hour in person or virtual classroom workshop.

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ECG Interpretation (Part 2)

This course will build upon concepts introduced in ECG Interpretation (Part 1), focusing more on ACS physiology, ST-segment morphology and signs of impending MI. There will also be a focus on STEMI mimics such as pericarditis and hyperkalemia and corresponding assessment strategies to help determine a working diagnosis.

Duration: 4 hour in person or virtual classroom workshop.